Questions to Consider When Selecting New Floors

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Where will my new floor go and how will the space be used?

Each area of your home's floor is used differently and may have different types of sub-floor construction. The flooring needs of a home office, formal sitting room, or guest bedroom may be different from a high traffic entry area, kids play area, or a much used bathroom. The type of flooring selected is important. Flooring in the basement or ground-level floor of your home may need to be different from a second level due to moisture or sub-floor types.  

What should I consider if I'm re-doing the entire home versus just a room or two?

If you are planning to lay new floors against existing floors then ask how will the materials look next to each other? We encourage you to take samples home to see if the new floors will blend with your homes style and decor. Will there be a height difference between these new products that might present a tripping hazard or impact mobility for someone with a wheelchair or cane? 

Why does my home temperature and humidity matter?

Living where the high-desert meets the mountains sure is beautiful! But just as the weather can be harsh for humans, it can be harsh on your floors. Selecting floors that can survive the drying conditions of a wood stove or gas-forced heating in the winter, the wetness of mud and rain season in the spring, the breezy open-air living in the summer, and the falling leaves and debris of autumn is something we can help you with. We always recommend a whole-home humidifier be installed in any space with engineered or solid hard wood flooring. 

What type of care does this type of floor need?

Flooring is a big investment and one way to keep it in great shape is to maintain it properly. Knowing what level of maintenance you want to commit to is an important consideration. Solid and engineered wood flooring will need routine care often.  Some engineered and all solid wood floors will need sanding and refinishing down the road.  Tile floors will need to have the grout sealed every few years but can be cleaned routinely my sweeping and soap and water mopping.  Laminate and vinyl floors can be cared for with regular sweeping, light vacuuming, and soap and water mop and can be rejuvenated occasional with a specialty floor refreshing product.

What if I have heated floors or I want to install heated floors?

Radiant floor heat or sub-floor heat is not suitable for all flooring types. Certain species of wood, types of natural stone, and man-made flooring products should not be used on radiant floors. Consulting with a flooring professional can help you advert a flooring disaster.  

What is the best color to pick?

Color or patterns? Solids or flecks? These are important things to consider when choosing your floor. Neutral colors go with most everyone's existing decor and allows for an easier decor change. Trendy and bold floors can make a statement and spark a certain feel in your space. Dark floors make a space look cozy and rich but you will see dust and pet hair more easily. Light floors make a space airy and fell larger but you will see stains, dirt, and wear more easily.